North Cyprus Night Life

If you’re on holiday in Northern Cyprus or you’re thinking of living in North Cyprus you need to know what activities and opportunities there are for a good night’s entertainment.

Pubs and Bars

Just like there is a restaurant in North Cyprus for every night of the year, so it seems there is a bar for every conceivable occasion! From late night bars where you can sit and wallow in beautiful music, to sea front and beach or harbour side bars where you can see and be seen! In fact, the harbour in Kyrenia is an excellent place to start. In the long heady summer months anyone who’s anyone and all the rest of us besides like to meander along the pretty horseshoe shaped harbour taking in the sights and sounds and the eclectic mix of eastern and western culture.


In Kyrenia there’s the excellent Night Park – located incongruously or cleverly (you decide) right next to the huge main car park right in the centre of Kyrenia. Often featuring the best local DJ talent it’s simply the venue where everyone ends up to dance the night away if they haven’t already headed out to one of the hotel nightclubs – consider Jasmine Court for example. Or if you want night time beach side entertainment Escape Beach Club and Club Acapulco have stunning private beaches, and a fantastic summer club scene.



One of the best venues for live music is La Habanera – especially on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night when you can seriously chill out to some of the best live jazz music on offer! The venue itself is within the Rocks Hotel – don’t feel worried about walking in, residents and non-residents are most welcome. When inside you will be carried away with the pure classy surroundings, the exceptionally polite and professional service and of course, the most mellifluous music.

Many of the pubs and bars also have live music, but usually of the pop and rock or DJ variety. There are a number of good local musicians and bands around and the best place to find out all about what’s happening in terms of the nightlife in North Cyprus on a day by day, week by week basis is by checking the listings in Cyprus Today newspaper, Essential Cyprus Magazine or North Cyprus Magazine.

For coverage of all one off main events like the Cyprus Film Festival, Kyrenia Jazz Festival and Bellapais Music Festival, trust About North Cyprus to keep you bang up to date! You’d better bookmark this site now if you’re serious about North Cypus.