Car Hire in North Cyprus

In order to hire a car in Northern Cyprus you must be over the age of 25 and hold a valid driving license or an international driving permit. In North Cyprus people drive on the left hand side of the road so if you are travelling from the UK it will be just like driving at home.

North Cyprus, a great place to drive
Hiring a car in North Cyprus is so easy, and UK drivers will feel right at home, since everyone here drives on the left! You’ll be amazed at the lack of traffic on the country roads, and equally surprised at the quality of the main roads, which the government has invested in heavily in the past few years. North Cyprus car hire is cheaper than many other holiday destinations too, with rates starting as low as £13 a day for a compact car. Most hire car companies are based both at Ercan International Airport and in North Nicosia, and will happily deliver a hire car to most hotels in North Cyprus too.