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Local Car Hire Company

Ayaz Rent a Car LTD.
(Northern Cyprus)

Office: Naci Talat Avenue, No:4 Kyrenia
(We Are Near Jasmine Court Hotel), North Cyprus
Service to: London, England - United Kingdom

South Cyprus Car Hire?

We only serve North Cyprus. For rentals in south Cyprus including Larnaca and Paphos Airports, we recommend to use this company Car Hire in Cyprus with Waves

We Offer

We offer 20% discount on all direct car hire bookings. Please check our discounted prices at our car hire company in northern cyprus. We offer special low-cost car hire rates. We are lower than most other car hire companies in Northern Cyprus. 

If you land in the south of Cyprus and you are planing to have your holiday in the north we have a Larnaca Airport TransferPaphos Airport Transfer and Ercan Airport Car hire.

Age limit for car hire in Northern Cyprus is 25 years old at most car rentals in Northern Cyprus including Kyrenia car hire. To rent a car in Northern Cyprus you need a driving license or International Driving Permit. Car Rental North Cyprus


car hire in Cyprus special deals

car hire northern cyprus

Hyundai i20 (Automatic) or Similar

Price From:£13.00
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car hire northern cyprus

Suzuki Vitara - Soft Top

Price From:£14.00
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