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Cyprus Travel Insurance

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Cyprus Travel Insurance

Do you Need travel insurance Cyprus for your holidays?
Read our tips on best buys and the coverage you need to cover all eventualities.

You've booked the flight and found your perfect holiday accommodation in Cyprus, all at a great price. But now you need holiday travel insurance Cyprus and you don't know where to start.

If you booked a package holiday to Cyprus, you will have been offered travel insurance as an "extra". It always amazes me how many people still take the easy option and book their Cyprus holiday insurance with their tour operator.

Tip: You can ALWAYS get a cheaper deal elsewhere as tour operators charge a premium on any insurance policy they sell ie. they add on a hefty commission!

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Why Hire a Car in your North Cyprus Holiday?

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To make the most of your holiday in North Cyprus, hire a car. There is so much to explore in the historic and beautiful country of Northern Cyprus; you'll want to visit its mighty castles high in the mountains, its deserted beaches and colonies of nesting sea turtles, its bustling towns and deserted Roman remains. A hire car brings all this and more within reach.

Car Hire Arrangement

To make things easier it is recommended to arrange your car rental in advance by filling an our online car reservation form. Our customers may pick their car from the Northern Cyprus Ercan Airport where the our representatives will be waiting for them holding a renter's name sign. You do not have to be, however bound to the airport only. With our online reservation often provide to choose your own pick-up and drop-off location.

  • Easy Transportation
  • Great ways to explore North Cyprus

Public Transport in North Cyprus

The main reason for hiring a car in North Cyprus is that the only public transport available consists of buses and minibuses. Whilst they are a great way to meet the locals, these local buses are usually packed out, and their journey timetable erratic. At night, the service is almost non-existent! Along with the practice of shared taxis, or 'dolmus', this public transport system is just not practical for holiday sightseeing.

Turkish Cypriots drive on the left

UK drivers will feel right at home in North Cyprus, as all Northern Cyrus rental cars are right hand drive, and Turkish Cypriots drive on the left as in the UK.

Great Ways to Explore North Cyprus

Want to explore a new North Cyprus beach every day? No problem; just pack your North Cyprus rental car with your beach gear and head for the coast! All the best beaches have showers and restaurants on site, so you can spend the day by the sea.

Do you long for monastic peacefulness while the kids want to conquer Crusader castles?

You can do both when you take your Northern Cyprus rental car out into the Kyrenia Mountains. From peaceful forest glades where you can picnic in the cool shade to the impressive views from St Hilarion castle, a day in the North Cyprus mountains is always a day to remember.

If something more wild is your scene, drive your hire 4 x 4 to the rugged Karpas Peninsula, where the terrain is as unpredictable as the wild donkeys.

Whatever you want to do on holiday in North Cyprus, a hire car gives you the freedom to do it.

Beaches in North Cyprus

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Maybe just to walk by the shore, take a favourite book to chill out for a few hours or even to simply watch the world go by in your own little corner of paradise.

Take our advice and head for the west of the island where mass tourism is absent and peace and tranquillity awaits.

If you are looking for relaxing beach holidays to North Cyprus all you need to do is "Go West!"

Sand or pebbles? We don't mind! Athough we probably prefer pebbles - the water is clearer and you don't get your feet burned when it gets really hot!

Trouble is, most of the best North Cyprus beaches are spoilt by tourist crowds. The idyllic sandy beaches you see in the tourist guides are always jam packed in high season, especially the popular, scenic beaches in Kyrenia and Karpas Peninsula beach, North Cyprus. What fun is there in squeezing onto a tiny patch of beach to top up your tan with 500 other people sitting on your towel?

There are, however, some far less crowded spots...

Local Car Hire Company

Ayaz Rent a Car LTD.
(Northern Cyprus)

Ercan Airport
A Car Park (A8), North Cyprus
Service to: London, England - United Kingdom

South Cyprus Car Hire?

We only serve North Cyprus. For rentals in south Cyprus including Larnaca and Paphos Airports, we recommend to use this company Car Hire in Cyprus with Waves

We Offer

We offer 20% discount on all direct car hire bookings. Please check our discounted prices at our car hire company in northern cyprus. We offer special low-cost car hire rates. We are lower than most other car hire companies in Northern Cyprus. 

If you land in the south of Cyprus and you are planing to have your holiday in the north we have a Larnaca Airport TransferPaphos Airport Transfer and Ercan Airport Car hire.

Age limit for car hire in Northern Cyprus is 25 years old at most car rentals in Northern Cyprus including Kyrenia car hire. To rent a car in Northern Cyprus you need a driving license or International Driving Permit. Car Rental North Cyprus


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